How to Become a Real Estate Broker in Wa State


Real Estate Market Leaders Online Real Estate Training

Brandon Patton with Tri Cities Real Estate Market Leaders has partnered up with Rockwell Institute to offer online Real Estate Training. If you are interested in becoming a Real Estate Broker in Washington State then follow these steps:




Step #1 - Signing up - Online Real Estate School in Wa State

You will need to complete a total of 90 clock hours from a Washington State approved Real Estate School.  Rockwell has a great pass rate with training people to become Real Estate Brokers. If you live anywhere in Washington State you can sign up for this course. The 90 Hour Course is Broken down into into a 60 hour course on Real Estate Fundamentals and a 30 hour course on Real Estate Practices. To be a Real Estate Broker you must be 18 years old and have a High School Diploma or GED. Also, after you complete your 90 hour course you will be required to pass a State Exam. After you have signed up for the 90 hour course you will need to make sure that the company who will be handling your proctored exam is kept in the loop about your status so they know when you are ready to take your exam. Therefore, its best to sign up for the online course then immediately reach out to AMP so that they know you are enrolled in your online Real Estate course with Rockwell and that you will need to take a Proctored Real Estate Exam for Washington State in the near future. 


Step #2 - Studying for the Washington Real Estate License Exam

It's best to order a high quality pre license package. The reason the Pre License Package is a great option is that it puts a laser focus on the topics you should be studying for the State Exam. The pre license package gives you access to the Brokers Cram Course with sample Exams similar to the Washington State Real Estate Broker Exams. To Sign up for the entire package using a discount code offered by Brandon Patton with Tri Cities Real Estate Market Leaders you can use the link, "How to be a Realtor in Washington State ?". When you are finished with your 90 hour course be sure to make flash cards and study over your practice exams. 


Step #3- Taking the Washington State Real Estate Brokers Exam

Now that you have completed your clock hours and studied for your exam you will need to, "Schedule your Washington State Real Estate Brokers Exam".  It's time to reach back out to AMP and let then know that you have your certificate from your online Washington Real Estate School and your ready to schedule your exam. When you show up for you test you will need to bring two forms of identification with you. The identification can not be expired. At least one form of identification must be a picture ID. If you forget your ID they will not let you test. You will not be allowed to take anything into the exam room with you but a calculator and a pencil. Everything else will be provided. If you fail the exam you can re take the exam. You will be notified if you failed the State or the National portion of the testing and you will know what you need to study to be prepared to re take the test again. If you pass the exam you will need to reach out to a Real Estate Company and let them know that you are ready to start working as a Real Estate Broker in Washington State.  Each Real Estate Brokerage will have a different procedure for hiring but most will want to schedule an interview to see if you are a good fit for their Real Estate Company. If you live in Eastern Washington and you are looking for a Tri Cities Real Estate Company to work for then Brandon Patton with Real Estate Market Leaders would be glad to help you take the next step on your Real Estate Career. 

Step #4 - How to join the Tri Cities Association of Realtors?

After you have passed the Exam and been hired by a local Real Estate Company your Designated Broker/Owner will guide you through the nest steps. If you live in Western Washington then the chances are that you will be joining NWMLS. However, if you live in Eastern Washington then you will be joining Tri Cities Association of Realtors, Yakima Association of Realtors, Walla Walla Association of Realtors or Spokane Association of Realtors.  

You can find the link to becoming a member of, "The Tri-Cities Association of Realtors" here. 


Final tip on Getting your Real Estate License in Washington State

Be Sure to look at the Commission Split that the Real Estate Company is offering you.