Buying Home In Tri-Cities

Home Buying Process Explained by Brandon Patton a Tri Cities Realtor


Buying a home is a big decision. Starting your home search can be a nerve-wracking task. Brandon Patton, an experienced Tri-Cities realtor, would like to make it easy for you to know the steps to seek out your dream house. In this article, we’ll discuss 6 major steps to buy a new home in Tri-Cities.


1. Starting your online Home Search

This is the first step to starting a Home Search in the Tri-Cities. You can visit a Realtor's website such as Brandon Patton’s website Tri-Cities Homes for Sale. You can log in and create a saved search and share properties with your Realtor that you would like to go see in person. We will answer any questions you've got and we'll ask a number of our own to help us learn what you're looking for in a new home.


2. Evaluate your finances

This is an important step. Brandon Patton’s team will connect you with a local lender who will take good care of you during the buying process. Good lenders will offer you an idea to get your credit in order and obtain your funds pulled together before you apply for a home loan.  The lender will review your finances and tell you how much you’ll be able to borrow in order to purchase a home. Also, looking at your combined escrow account will let you know what purchase price you are comfortable with. Your lender will crunch the numbers and ask you if you want your mortgage to be $1,350 per month or if you want to go after your dream home and pay up to $2,500 a month on a mortgage. Often times clients don’t realize what a $460,000 mortgage will cost when it is broken down into monthly payments. Getting familiar with these figures is an important step along the way to making a decision on how much money you should spend on your next home purchase.


3. Finding a home

Once you've got your loan and you are feeling good about your financial situation, then comes the most exciting step, finding a home. Brandon Patton has many options when it comes to homes for sale in Tri-Cities. We will schedule viewings of the homes that have caught your eye and we will look at them. We will find the best home for you considering your budget.


4. Making an offer

The next step is making an offer. Once you've found your dream home, it's time to write an offer. With our knowledge and experience, we will assist you to write the strongest offer possible which has a good chance at being accepted. We will also use our experience to evaluate the condition of the home and the asking price.


5. Appraisal and inspection

After the offer is accepted by both parties, your desired home goes through the appraisal and inspection process. The appraisal guarantees that the Value of the house matches the condition of the house. Having a Homes Inspection is the best way to find out everything about your new investment. It helps ensure that everything within the house is functioning properly and there are not any major issues inside. You are free to ask for repairs, or request a reduction on the purchase price, or walk away completely if you're not satisfied with the inspection results.


6. Closing

Once the inspection process is satisfied, the transaction moves into the closing process. We’ll schedule this with the title and loan officers involved. We'll call you in for final signing once all the documents are in place and funds are able to be processed. Brandon Patton's team will make sure your deal is handled properly and within the right time frames.


Once all parties have signed, you'll get the keys to your new home and you'll be able to start moving in. Brandon Patton, an experienced and local realtor in Tri-Cities, will direct you to fulfill all these steps and will help you to find your dream home in Tri-Cities.