Brandon Patton from Tri Cities Real Estate Market Leaders is offering some new Real Estate Deals for Service. If you are thinking about listing your house for sale and buying a new house then no other Real Estate Broker can offer you a better deal. If you agree to use Brandon Patton to list your home for sale and allow him to help you buy your next home you will save thousands. In most cases his listing fees are below the 1% fee mark. He has had a lot of clients that he has offered a flat fee for on the listing side and repaid that fee back to his clients when they bought their next house making it so their listing fee was waived.

For Example, let say that you have a $350,000 house that you want to sell and you contact Brandon Patton to sell your home. He will charge a 1% listing fee when he puts your house on the market. The 1% fee will cost you $3,500 when your house sells. However, when you buy your next home he will rebate the $3,500 back to you on the next purchase. This will make it so his listing fee is paid from the commission on the next purchase. If you look at the math on this you will see that you are saving $10,500 on listing fees!